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Our Primer Collection

Are you a primer fan? These days using a primer has pretty much become a given as the starting point for any make-up look.  Perfecting Primer The key reasons for...

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Max May's Top Beauty Travel Tips

Our Make-up Ambassador Max May was recently away on holiday in Israel, and we caught up with him this week now that he's back in Sydney for all his top...

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We all love a summer holiday. Actually, if we're honest we all love holidays full stop - regardless of the trip being a week in the snow, exploring the Angkor...

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Festival Tips - Beauty Touch Up Essentials

So you've planned your music festival look from your make-up through to what you'll be wearing including the ever trusty wellies, and now it's time to figure out which beauty...

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It's summer, and that means unforgettable European holidays on the beach (or dancing on a table in a Mykonos day club!) and heading to music festivals with best friends.  Image of...

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Australia's No.1 Selling Cosmetic Product

Image courtesy of: @y.a.t.r.i One of the first make-up products we launched 10 years ago was our Radiant Loose Powder Foundation. It soon became a firm favourite in Australia, and...

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Image courtesy of: @sophiemilner_fs If you've been looking for summer make-up inspiration, look no further!  Our Global Brand Ambassador, Clint Dowdell recently filmed a make-up tutorial with the gorgeous London based...

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Our Versatile Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter

The Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter has gained many fans since it launched, who are loving the multitude of looks they can create with this versatile highlighting product.   Infused with light...

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