Privacy Preferences

As a response to new regulation you now have more granular control over how you are tracked and what your data is used for.

We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookie and Tracking Notice to provide more transparency around the data we collect and why we collect it, among other things. We recommend you review it here.

Below you will see options which will allow you to update your privacy settings at any stage. The options include:

  • Essential Cookies - These are cookies we absolutely need to use to operate this website, for example to verify logged in users.
  • Content Personalisation - We want to ensure that the content you are seeing is relevant and useful to you. In order to tailor your experience we need to understand how you access and interact with our content.
  • Analytics Tracking and Cookies - We aim to provide the best on site customer experience. We would like to understand how you interact with our website purely for analytical purposes so we can identify issues and continuously improve our services.
  • Advertising Trackers and Cookies - We would like any online advertising you see to be of interest to you and therefore we would like to understand what you are interested in on our website.

Any data we collect is purely to enhance your experience with us. Please be assured your data is always safe. We store all data securely and never your sell data to third parties. You can change your mind and revisit your consent choices at any time by returning to this site.

Limiting what we use the data for may affect the type of experience we can deliver you. Please enable the options you are comfortable with below.

Cookie and Tracking Options