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What is A-beauty?

If you've watched a make-up tutorial on YouTube or Instagram recently, you'll know that in the beauty world there are unique terms and abbreviations for just about everything. Take for example;...

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Our Versatile Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter

The Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter has gained many fans since it launched, who are loving the multitude of looks they can create with this versatile highlighting product.   Infused with light...

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Image courtesy of Michelle Crossan We've collaborated a few times in the past year with beauty expert Michelle Crossan. These collaborations have included our Coachella partnership and the launch of...

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If you love a matte finish, our Creamy Matte Lipstick is definitely a lip product that you should try. It has a velvet smooth texture and glides on for a...

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Ever Wondered What's In Your Make-up?

Many of us these days are a lot more conscious about the food that we eat - in terms of for example; its source, organic certification, nutritional value or total sugar...

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Nude by Nature is proudly cruelty-free. We're PETA certified and accredited by Choose Cruelty Free.  If you're wondering whether that means if all our products are vegan friendly, the answer is...

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How To Make Your Matte Make-up Last All Day

Written by Guest Contributor: Tara MacInnis   It’s such a pain to spend precious morning time putting on make-up that’s supposed to minimise shine and cover imperfections, only to find...

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How to get a summer glow in winter, and make it last

Written by Guest Contributor: Tara MacInnis   When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, your skin naturally looks more glowing, hydrated and healthier. But when winter hits,...

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