We've recently launched our Natural Illusion Eye Palette. It's a vegan friendly luxury palette containing five highly pigmented eyeshadow shades that can be worn alone or blended together to create an endless array of eye make-up looks. 

Natural Illusion Eye Palette

Natural Illusion Eye Palette

The palette is enriched with active natural ingredients including moisturising Sweet Almond Oil, Desert Lime and the antioxidant rich Quandong. Whether it's beauty on the go, or for home, this eyeshadow palette is perfect; coming in a luxury case with mirror and cruelty-free double ended brush. 

We chatted to our Make-up Ambassador Max May regarding the palette and what looks he's been creating with the different shadows available. He's also shot a useful make-up video tutorial creating a nude smoky eye look, that we've shared below. 

Natural Illusion Eye Palette

Natural Illusion Eye Palette

Read our chat, and watch the eye make-up tutorials below:

Nude by Nature (NbN)What’s not to love about an eye palette with an abundance of eyeshadow shades to select from?

Max: Absolutely nothing. Well, other than too much choice maybe?

NbN: The Natural Illusion Eye Palette has five eyeshadows, with multiple finishes - satin shimmer, satin and matte. What is your favourite thing about this eye palette?

Max: I love the selection of colours. They all look great mixed together, or stand individually. I know that sounds weird, but so many brands like to throw contrasting colours into a palette like this, and I think that can become confusing or intimidating.

Max May creating eye look using Natural lllusion Eye Palette

Max May creating an eye make-up look featuring the Natural Illusion Eye Palette

NbN: What are a few of your favourite hacks for creating different eye looks?

MaxKeep it simple. Use one of the mid tone shades to wash over the lid for a simple look. Highlight the inner corner of the eyes and brow bone to attract and reflect light, and to brighten the eye all over. You could then smudge a darker matte shadow into the lash line when you want to emphasise the lashes or extend the eyes. And then, apply these three looks together for a trifecta!

 Max May creating eye look with Natural Illusion Eye Palette

Max May creating a nude eye look with the Natural Illusion Eye Palette

NbNAre you able to reveal your top three eye make-up products that you think everyone should own?

MaxAs of the launch of the Natural Illusion Eye Palette it’s definitely the 01 Classic Nude palette. Mascara is undoubtedly another essential, as is a good brush. My favourite is the Nude by Nature 15 Blending Brush. It’s the perfect all rounder to apply and blend.

Eye look created with Natural Illusion Eye Palette 01 Classic Nude

Eye look created with Natural Illusion Eye Palette 01 Classic Nude

Now watch Max in action as he creates a gorgeous Nude Smoky Eye look featuring the Natural Illusion Eye Palette 01 Classic Nude.

Nude Smoky Eye Look Make-up Tutorial with Max May:



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