We sat down this week with gorgeous Sydney blogger and content creator Christina Butcher. Her blog Hair Romance is one she started a few years ago now, and it's all about loving your hair, plus providing inspiration on hair styling, colour, trends and top tips for anyone to use. As well as Hair Romance, Christina also shares another blog, Mr & Mrs Romance with her husband Jim. 

Christina Butcher Hair Romance

Christina produces blog posts, images and videos that she publishes to her social channels as well as Hair Romance. You can follow Christina on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Read all the details from our catch up chat below:

Nude by Nature (NBN): We’d love to hear more about your personal story and journey. How did you start Hair Romance, and how long ago was that now? Not only has that meant a blog, but also significant social presence, and a best-selling book. Tell us all!

ChristinaA haircut changed my life, and it really is true! I started Hair Romance back in 2010 after a colleague commented she’d never seen me wear my hair the same way twice. She said I should start a daily hair blog, which I thought was crazy at the time, but here we are!

Hair Romance helps women learn to love their hair, and it has grown bigger than I could have imagined. I’ve written a bestselling hairstyle book, and I now create videos too.

But even before Hair Romance was a blog, the fact that a haircut changed my life was in play. When I met my best friend Rohan, who’s a hairdresser, he taught me about curly hair and helped me love my hair too.

Coincidentally, about two weeks after I met Rohan, I met my husband Jim in the same street. We now work together on our travel and lifestyle site Mr & Mrs Romance.

With Hair Romance, my goal is to spread the message that your hair is your best accessory, and to make all beauty easy and fun. There’s real power in a good hair day.

Christina Butcher Hair Romance

NBN: What do you think are a couple of the most important beauty products that every woman should own?

ChristinaGood brushes are important, and make such a difference to make-up application (and good brushes help your hair too!). Concealer is the hardest working product in my beauty bag, and every woman needs a great concealer for under the eyes and for blemishes. I think more men would wear make-up if they knew the power of concealer.

NBN: What are your favourite Nude by Nature products, and why?

Christina: My sister first introduced me to the Radiant Loose Powder Foundation and Natural Glow Loose Bronzer years ago, and they are still in my beauty bag today.

My quick go-to make-up is the the Sheer Glow BB Cream and the Matte Pressed Bronzer, which also doubles as an eyeshadow for me.

NBN: What are a couple of your top beauty hacks?

ChristinaI love to tightline my upper lashes - especially if I’m just wearing light/natural makeup. It’s really subtle but it makes my eyes look so much bigger and makes my lashes look longer too.

I also use a gentle microfibre cloth when I cleanse my face at night. It helps to remove all traces of make-up and pollution, and I’ve noticed my skin has been much clearer since making this a non-negotiable step in my routine.

NBN: A couple of our biggest points of difference as a brand is that all our make-up products are enriched with 100% natural ingredients, and we are proudly cruelty-free. Do you think people are becoming more aware of what’s in the make-up and hair products that they use, and are re-thinking their product choices?

ChristinaAbsolutely, and it’s key as responsible consumers to make these choices about the products we use.

Christina Butcher Hair Romance

NBN: Hair trends! Any that you think are going to be popular in the next year, and that most people can try?

Christina: I’m loving the return of natural texture that I’m seeing on catwalks. Not all frizz is bad, and it can give your hair great volume. It’s all about embracing your natural hair, and I’m all for it.

NBN: Do you have big plans for Hair Romance in the coming 12 months? Any exciting projects that you’re working on? 

Christina: Look out for a website redesign (such a big project), and I’m also focused on more video content, among other projects that I can’t mention just yet!

Mr & Mrs Romance

NBN: Aside from Hair Romance, you and your husband Jim also share your love of travel, food + wine plus lifestyle through the blog Mr & Mrs Romance. What do you think are a couple of must visit places around the world?

Christina: It’s hard to pick favourites, but we both love visiting Italy and Japan. They’re very different destinations with a rich culture and history, and an incredible food scene. Plus, the people you meet will make your trip unforgettable.

NBN: What’s on your own travel bucket list?

Christina: Morocco is near the top of my list at the moment - for some of the same reasons. But my bucket list is very, very long!

NBN: Do you have any favourite travel stories about destinations that you got to, and they were even better than expected, or places that you can just keep going back to? 

Christina Butcher Hair Romance

Christina: I’ve already mentioned Italy and Japan, so I’ll add Cuba to the list. I’d always wanted to go there, and it did not disappoint. The music, culture and people are incredible. We went back this year, and it’s changing quickly so I’d urge you to travel there soon, and to take some salsa lessons before you go!

NBN: When you travel, how do you decide which beauty and hair products to take?

Christina: I buy travel sizes, or I decant my favourites into travel size pots. I try and keep it simple when I travel and plan ahead for the weather too. I love multi use products like the Nude by Nature Matte Pressed Bronzer, which helps me save space in my bag.

Christina Butcher Hair Romance

NBN: Final question! Do you have a favourite quote or phrase that motivates and inspires you in your daily life?

Christina: Be the kind of person you want to meet. And also: Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.

Thank you, Christina!

All images courtesy of Christina Butcher




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