Perth, Australia native Kiara King is a style, fashion and travel content creator and influencer. Since starting her blog Lion In The Wild, post graduating from university, she has worked hard to grow and evolve both the blog and her social channels, to now being one of Australia's most popular for her authenticity and the beautiful content that she shares across all her channels. 

Kiara King

We have collaborated with Kiara a few times in the past year, and caught up with her after she returned from a recent trip to New York.

Check out our conversation below:

Nude by Nature (NbN): Are you able to share the background on how you first started Lion In The Wild, and your plans for 2019.

KiaraI was working full-time, having just graduated from university with a Bachelor in Creative Advertising Design and, truth be told, Lion in the Wild was born out of pure weekend boredom as a personal creative project. Before long, it unexpectedly took off and has developed into the platform it is now.

We have a number of very exciting projects and partnerships planned for 2019, as well as launching our new venture, In the Wild Creative, which you’ll be hearing more about very soon!

Nude by Nature (NbN): Congratulations on your recent marriage! That must make 2018 quite an extraordinary year for you. Are you able to share any other unforgettable moments from the last year?

KiaraMarrying my best friend/love of my life/lifetime sidekick undoubtedly tops the list for 2018, which will forever go down as the most unforgettably amazing year (so far). I was fortunate enough to travel to 18 amazing countries, which included swimming with sharks in the Maldives and hanging out with (real) lions in the wild in South Africa. To say it was special would be a huge understatement. I’m still pinching myself!

Kiara King

Nude by Nature (NbN): What do you think are a couple of the most important beauty products that every woman should own?

KiaraA hydrating, flawless base with SPF, and a moisturising lipstick or lipgloss. For me, it’s all about healthy, glowing skin and products with amazing natural ingredients.

Nude by Nature (NbN): What are a couple of your top beauty hacks?

KiaraTwo of my go-to beauty hacks are:

1) Applying highlighter to the inner corners of my eyes, which not only makes your eyes pop, but gives the illusion of 8-hours sleep.

2) For perfect beachy waves without using heat products, after washing and towel drying my hair, I twist small sections of hair and leave them overnight. When I wake-up, I comb them through and am left with super easy and healthy waves. It’s the best time saver!

Kiara King

Nude by Nature (NbN)A couple of our biggest points of difference as a brand are that all our make-up products are enriched with 100% natural ingredients, and we are proudly cruelty-free. Do you think people are becoming more aware of what’s in the make-up and hair products that they use, and are re-thinking their product choices?

KiaraPeople are becoming increasingly savvy and discerning when it comes to the brands they purchase from, and cruelty-free, natural ingredients from ethical companies are at the top of the list in which beauty customers buy - myself included. It’s the way of the future and it’s a long time coming.

Nude by Nature (NbN): Are you able to share with us a few of your favourite Nude by Nature products, and why?

KiaraWhere do I begin? The Defining Brow Pencil and Precision Brow Mascara are daily favourites of mine since the collection launched (not a day has gone by without me reaching for one or the other). Also, on high rotation you’ll find the Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter (it’s super versatile), the Shimmering Sands Loose Eyeshadow and the Defining Lip Pencil in Soft Pink with the Moisture Infusion Lipgloss (a great daily lip combo). Like I said, there’s so many favourites!

Nude by Nature (NbN)Are you someone who still enjoys flicking through a magazine, or do you find you consume all your media online?

KiaraI mostly find myself consuming digital media these days, but I truly miss the moments I used to spend reading magazines and books, so much so that I’ve begun reading my favourites again like Porter, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia. If anything, I find print even more inspirational and valuable than before in this instantaneous world.

Kiara King

Nude by Nature (NbN): Do you have a few favourite Instagram accounts, that you religiously follow?

KiaraNow this is going to be a tough one to narrow down. I currently can’t get enough of @leoniehanne for her creative style content, @ohuprettythings for her beauty photography and @isabellath for her authentic travel content. They’re all a must follow if you want constant inspiration!

Nude by Nature (NbN)You love to travel! Are you able to let us know about a couple of your favourite travel destinations? Plus, do you have many travel plans for 2019, and if so, are you able to reveal what’s on your list!

KiaraJapan and New Zealand will be forever in my heart as two of my favourite travel destinations that I’ve visited more than I care to admit (I just can’t get enough!), but I also loved the Maldives, France and South Africa.

As for 2019, we’ve just arrived home from a few weeks in New York City and depart for Dubai next week (exciting!), but we’re also hoping to see more of Australia this year, especially my beautiful home state, Western Australia.

Kiara King

Nude by Nature (NbN): As a Perth local, do you have a few secret places that you recommend that visitors ‘must do’ when they’re in your hometown? 

KiaraIf you’re looking for iconic locations, no Perth trip is complete without visiting Kings Park for the best city views and Cottesloe, arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.  If you’re a foodie (or a coffee snob), then you should definitely head into Fremantle for a bite, which is home to the coolest cafes, restaurants and bars. If you want to do a day trip, then you’ll fall in-love with Rottnest Island for untouched coves, reefs and, of course, quokkas! And if you’ve got time for a weekend away (or longer), hire a car and go down south to my personal favourite, the Margaret River Region (a 3-hour drive from Perth), for world class surf, wine, cuisine and so much more. Can you tell I’m a little in-love with where I’m from?

Kiara King

Nude by Nature (NbN): Final question! Do you have a favourite quote or phrase that motivates and inspires you in your daily life?

Kiara“Love what you do and do what you love.” - It’s a quote I’ve lived by in my adulthood, vowing to wake-up everyday excited for the day ahead, regardless of whether it be a weekday or weekend. We spend so much time working in our lives and it truly is a privilege to be able to follow my dreams.

Kiara King

Thank you, Kiara!

All images courtesy of: Kiara King



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