With the beginning of a new year, this month is the perfect time to start focusing on what’s important – and what could be more important than your health?

Staying healthy doesn’t just mean green smoothies and hours at the gym. Take things one step at a time and start with easy changes to your beauty routine for a better you.

Here Are Our Top Tips To Stay Healthy:

When good make-up meets good skincare, great things can happen for your skin. For a lot of women, make-up is an integral part of their daily routine, so instead of using make-up to mask skin imperfections, why not use make-up with skincare infused benefits for a better complexion?

Unlike traditional make-up, Nude by Nature products are carefully developed to include powerful native Australian ingredients, without toxins, synthetic ingredients or preservatives like Talc, Silicon, Phthalates, Sulphates, PEGS, Siloxanes, Triclosans, Phenoxyethanol or Parabens. This makes it ideal for those that are conscious about their lifestyle choices and improving their skin.

Before you hit the sheets, make sure to always remove your make-up with a gentle and natural make-up remover and soft cotton pad. Even if you’re using make-up that is good for your skin, by removing your make-up before bed, this will remove any bacteria that has built-up on the surface of your skin during the day which can clog pores, cause blemishes, pimples and blackheads.

If you’re planning to be out and about, it is ideal to use a foundation with natural sun protection or SPF properties such as the Sheer Glow BB Cream or the Natural Mineral Cover because long sun exposure can cause wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other long-term skin problems.

The Natural Mineral Cover has SPF 15 and adapts naturally to skin tones to even out complexion, cover redness and pigmentation, and conceal enlarged pores. It’s formula is also composed of high performing active natural ingredients such as Jojoba Esters to nourish the skin, and Kaolin Clay for a radiant flawless complexion

The Sheer Glow BB Cream is a great all-in-one BB cream to help instantly even out skin tone, minimise the appearance of fine lines and imperfections for a natural luminous finish with SPF 8. The lightweight, non-greasy texture is enriched with moisturising Aloe Vera, Phytomoist and Desert Date Oil to benefit the skin and perfect the complexion.

Every time you use your make-up brushes and beauty sponges, it accumulates dirt and bacteria which can cause your skin to breakout. Many experts recommend cleaning your make-up brushes at least once a month. Not sure how to clean your brushes? Watch our video tutorial for easy steps on how to clean your make-up brushes at home.

“Beauty sleep” is definitely a real thing! Getting 6 – 8 hours of quality sleep will allow your skin to focus on repairing itself, while it isn’t defending itself from the sun and harmful molecules from the environment. During the repair process, your body produces new collagen to make your skin more plump and reduce the appearance of “bags”, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

Sleep deprivation also decreases blood flow around the face causing your skin to look dull and dry and cheeks to be less ‘rosy’.

For softer and more luminous skin, the secret is to exfoliate with a face scrub at least once or twice per week. If you are using a gentle face scrub, use as part of your cleansing routine before bed to remove the layers of dead skin that tends to exaggerate the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Although our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, its ability to do it slows down as we age. Therefore, exfoliating can help you break out the new cells for a more youthful look.

Wash and gently massage your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water once or twice a day. You’ll gently wash away dirt, make-up and everyday impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture. 

Don’t stop your skincare routine at your chin. The skin on your neck and chest is thinner and just as prone to wrinkles, sagging and dark spots. Make sure to also cleanse, moisturise and protect this area from the sun.

Instead of popping your pimples or masking the problem with make-up made of toxins and synthetics, make the switch to mineral make-up.

By using a lightweight, mineral foundation such as the Natural Mineral Cover. Not only will this cover redness and uneven skin tone, the active natural ingredients in this foundation will assist in nourishing your skin to get you closer to a flawless complexion.

Also keep your skin moisturised with an Oil-Free Moisturiser and use a gentle Face Scrub to keep the pores clear and blackheads and pimples at bay.

Our fingers are in constantly contact with keyboards, money and handrails to name a few, all of which are usually coated in bacteria. By touching your face, this can transfer viruses and allergens to your skin as well as excess bacteria and oil which can cause inflammation, blemishes, clogged pores and break outs. To put it simply, stop touching the face – your skin will thank you for it.

We hope you enjoyed our easy beauty tips for healthy skin. Let us know in the comments below what easy beauty tips you have and let’s always continue to work towards a better you.



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