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We're thrilled to have formed an ambassador partnership with Vogue Williams here in the UK. The gorgeous TV presenter, DJ and model, 33, recently sat down to discuss her love for natural make-up and why cleaning up her beauty routine since having her first child, Theo, with TV star Spencer Matthews has been so important. She also shared more about her experience of adult acne, how she creates fuller lips and her love of daily exercise.

Read our chat below:

Nude by Nature (NbN): What attracted you to Nude by Nature?

Vogue: What attracted me most was that the products are made with 100% natural ingredients. Nude by Nature is a beautiful make-up brand with the best nude lip liners and lipsticks. My favourite lip product is probably the Moisture Infusion Lipgloss in Bare 01. Now that I have a baby I do think more about what I’m putting on my skin because he’s always touching my face and puts his mouth on my chin. I only started thinking about that recently. I eat healthily, I have a good skincare routine, and then I was putting any old make-up on my face. I thought why am I not thinking about the make-up I put on my face when I look after it so well with my skincare products? Now, with Nude by Nature, I know that what I’m putting on my skin is really good and long-lasting. It’s beautiful make-up that’s good for you.

Moisture Infusion Lipgloss

Moisture Infusion Lipgloss

NbN: Did it surprise you that it’s so natural but also efficacious?

Vogue: I don’t like spending hours and hours on my make-up - I don’t have the time. This morning, my make-up took 20 minutes. The quality of the Nude by Nature products is excellent, and they’re quick and easy to use. You only have to apply concealer, the Radiant Loose Powder Foundation all over your face and you have a gorgeous base - done. I used to worry that powder foundation would look cakey, you don’t want that look with make-up at all, however this powder doesn’t look like that at all.

Radiant Loose Powder Foundation

Radiant Loose Powder Foundation

Ill wear Nude by Nature to the gym and it will stay on my face. Either Im not working hard enough, or its really good! Its great to have products that work plus you know are good for your skin.

NbN: Which Nude by Nature products will you not be able to live without now?

Vogue: The lipsticks, the lip liners, the lipgloss - I love them all! There’s also the gorgeous Sheer Light Illuminator - you can mix it into your primer, plus the Beach Glow Liquid Highlighters are amazing. They look like a lipgloss, and are especially good on the inside of your eyes; they wake you up. They set fast so you do need to work with them quickly, however they are very cool.

Vogue Williams

NbN: For someone new to the brand which product do you recommend they try first?

Vogue: I know the hero product is the Radiant Loose Powder Foundation but I really love the Flawless Liquid Foundation. I think if you look at a new make-up brand a good way to judge them is with the foundation. The Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation is fab; it’s a liquid and a lot of people use liquid. Although, I do think the powder is very handy, and if you want to do a quick make-up look, then the Radiant Loose Powder Foundation is the one for you.

Flawless Liquid Foundation

Flawless Liquid Foundation

NbNWhat is your AM/PM skincare routine?

VogueAt night, I take off all my make-up, I use different cleansers - right now Im using one called Skin Theory. I love IMAGE products, Dermalogica, and Neostrata has amazing products. I have a Lancer cleanser thats amazing too. There is a girl in Ireland called the Skin Nerd and she sent me this make-up remover mitt, its a face cloth that gets your mascara, everything off. I double cleanse and then I use the mitt and youre not left with any residue. Then, I put on a serum, face cream and eye cream. In the morning I would apply serum and day cream with SPF. Always, always SPF.

NbNAre there any make-up tips you’ve picked up since working in show business?

VogueI love over-lining my lips. Literally over the top line of your top lip with a nude shade that matches your lip colour. Then, colour your lips in with the pencil. It looks like you have an extra millimetre on your lips, and they do look bigger. Dont go overboard though as it may look a bit crazy, but I do love over-lining my lips.

Vogue Williams

NbNHow did having acne change your approach to beauty?

VogueIt was an absolute nightmare. I got a contraceptive bar in my arm and my skin just went crazy. I had these huge spots all over my face and where there wasnt the huge spots there were these little bumps under my skin. I switched up my entire skincare routine. I went to this place called Renaissance Clinic in Howth, Dublin and they did different facials on me. There are certain facials you cant get done with acne because it can cause it to spread even more. Then they put me on IMAGE products: Clear Cell Salicylic Cleanser, Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant Serum and a mattifying moisturiser at night, then the serum during the day and day cream, just those products. I was relentless with that routine, and good at getting soothing facials as my skin was sore and it did eventually go.

I also heard not having dairy helps your skin, so I tried to give up dairy for a while but I realised I couldnt live without it. I drink pints of milk, so I was just really religious with my skincare routine, but it did take ages to clear up.

I was very  self-conscious, Id never had acne before. I remember once my friend did my make-up and it took an hour and a half to do my base - it usually took 45 minutes to do everything. It was a nightmare, and it really knocks your confidence. Everyone has things that make them feel less confident. I still have things that make me feel self-conscious. I probably come across like Im bursting with confidence but I dont think anybody is, we all have our things, especially women. I feel like were so judged on social media, everyone is, and things are pointed out as a flaw and you focus on that. It can be a nightmare.

NbNBefore Nude by Nature had you been looking to clean up your routine?

VogueIf you dont know where to start, start off with your skincare routine. You always look after your skin - you wouldnt go to bed with dirty skin, or put just anything on your skin. And, the same should apply for your make-up. If you look at Nude by Nature you know all the products work, and they are made with 100% natural ingredients that you would want to use. Even with SPF, I have to have SPF 50 on my face; in the winter or even if Im not going out it is on my face, it just has to be.

Vogue Williams

NbN: You try to lead a healthy lifestyle. What exercise do you do, and do you enjoy things like meditation?

VogueNo meditation, Im not a meditator. I do yoga on the odd occasion; I do quite like power yoga. I like training and training really hard. When I am in the gym and Im training Im only focused on training, nothing else runs through my mind, so its kinda like my time to meditate. I get into that mindset because if Im training really hard Im just focused on getting through it.

I see my PT, Dalton Wong, he is amazing. I go to BoomCycle and Kobox, I go to loads of different things, I mix it up so I dont get bored. I play tennis. I went horse riding yesterday. Ive always been sporty and active and thats what Spencer and I like doing. We dont really go out, we never go to nightclubs, youll rarely see us in pubs. Id rather spend my money on a personal trainer or tennis lessons and things like that. Its a hobby and Spencer and I do it together. Theo will definitely be playing tennis once he gets a bit older! 

I grew up in a little seaside village, where I still live, and its a very outdoorsy, active lifestyle. Dont get me wrong, I love sitting inside and doing nothing but I have to get out every day. I have a dog, who is actually Australian, he was born in Sydney and I brought him home, so I walk him daily.

NbNYou have been to Australia. How does Australian beauty differ to the UK?

VogueI think that Australians are more natural with what they put on their face. You dont see too many dark smoky eyes. I would say they do more of a natural look for sure. They have the sun all the time, so they will be conscious of their skin and SPF. But I think were getting better at that over here. Everyone is looking at their skin routine now and making sure they're looking after their skin. 



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