Ever wondered if make-up primer is worth buying, or why people use it? You’re not the only one!

In the past five years, we’ve seen conversations about make-up primers grow, and as a result these handy beauty products are now the starting point for many of our daily make-up routines.

Make-up application

So, why do we use primer? Make-up primer is used after your moisturiser and before applying foundation. It’s main purpose is to create a smooth, even base for make-up application. You can think of it being like a painter using primer before they start painting. It’s the essential first step.

It’s important to note that what you apply underneath your foundation can influence your final finish, and that some products (such as serums, moisturisers or sunscreens) can be incompatible with other products when layered or just need extra time to dry before applying the next product. For best results, it’s therefore highly recommended to prepare the skin with a make-up primer. You can also use primer on your eyes and lips.

We’ve prepared the following list of the top 5 benefits of make-up primer:

  1. Easy to apply: Before applying any make-up, cleanse the skin to remove impurities and prepare the skin. Then moisturise to hydrate and protect the skin. Next step is to prime - it’s quick and easy! Squeeze a small amount of primer to the back of your hand. Then use fingertips to apply your primer across the face prior to foundation application. Remember to take the primer all the way down your neck.
  2. Skin looks fresh and hydrated: You shouldn’t consider a primer as being a replacement to your moisturiser, however primers do often contain moisturising and nourishing ingredients to benefit the skin and reinforce your skincare.
  3. Perfects the complexion: Face primer smooths the skin, softening the appearance of fine lines and disguising skin imperfections, giving the skin a more youthful look. Happy days!
  4. Make-up goes on smoother: Primer creates an even base that will make your foundation application quicker and easier, and your make-up will look much smoother.
  5. Extends make-up wear: When you use a primer it supports your moisturiser which helps shield the skin from the environment, prepares the skin for your foundation creating a base to help your make-up stay on longer. All of these will mean your make-up will still be looking great at the end of the day.

Perfecting Primer

Perfecting Primer

Our 100% naturally derived face primer is the Perfecting Primer. It’s a smoothing silicone-free primer that blends seamlessly into the skin to create an even base for make-up application.

The Perfecting Primer is composed of active natural ingredients including Kakadu Plum, known for its great Vitamin C content, rich antioxidants Vitamins A and E plus Green Tea to help fight the visible signs of ageing.

We recommend using your fingertips to apply the Perfecting Primer across the face prior to foundation application.  

Perfecting Eye Primer

Perfecting Eye Primer

If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of an eye primer, our Perfecting Eye Primer is silicone-free, formulated with anti-ageing ingredients and smooths skin to create an even base for eye make-up application. It helps tighten the skin in the eye area and smooth the appearance of wrinkles while helping to extend eye make-up wear.

Key ingredients include an Oat derived anti-ageing ingredient known for its tightening and anti-wrinkle properties, as well as a natural powder derived from Carnauba Wax to help keep your eye make-up in place for an extended wear. We recommend using fingertips or our Base Shadow Brush to apply the Perfecting Eye Primer onto the eyelid. 



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